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Akelius Skog AB


Akelius Skog AB is a forest management company,
managing our customers’ forests.

Akelius Skog AB strives to create
the future of forest management, 
based on research and new technology.

Akelius Skog AB is offering management of forests within the Akelius Group as well as to third parties.

sustainable management

Forest management ensures high present value over time

Akelius Skog aims to create high value forests

  • biologically
  • economically
  • socially

We take responsibility for

  • forest management
  • well planed reforestation
  • cleaning
  • thinning
  • harvesting

By site specific management,
Akelius Forest creates greater value for generations to come.

Akelius Group

Akelius Group consists of six entities

  • Akelius Foundation
  • Akelius Residential
  • Akelius Cyprus
  • Akelius Forest
  • Akelius Languages
  • Akelius Technology

Akelius Group operates in seven countries

  • Canada
  • Cyprus
  • France
  • Germany
  • Sweden
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

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Akelius Forest
Akelius Foundation
Akelius Languages
Akelius Residential
Akelius Technology